About Us

Dental Charity India is a charitable foundation established in Gurgaon, Haryana near Delhi, India, with an aim of providing dental education, dental awareness and affordable dental treatments to masses through its Azeesa Dental projects.

Dental Education

In rural parts of India, still major dental problems and suffering of people are due to lack of knowledge about oral hygiene, acceptance of modern dental hygiene products, less affordability, misconceptions about dental procedures etc. Dental education about oral hygiene and use of modern hygiene products will help to improve situation. Dental education will help to create understanding the importance of personal oral hygiene, introduction to modern dental treatment procedures, understanding relation between general health and dental health etc.

Dental Awareness

"Knowing a problem is key to solution"

Creating dental awareness can only serve to find solution to dental problems in rural society of India. We still come across conceptions that are deeply rooted in the society like, " I am born with teeth diseases taking care of oral hygiene is of no help" "I have weak teeth structure so they will pain & have no option to suffering" "brushing will make teeth weak further " "I have severe tooth pain since long tried all medicines, its, not helping, need to remove the tooth"...................and lot more.

Dental Treatments

Still now, the choice of dental treatment is "Removal of tooth that's giving trouble". Lack of access to qualified dental care provider, lack of resourses to make knowledge based descision, low income to afford expensive modern dental treatments at private dental clinics.

Dental Charity india through its Azeesa Dental Projects provides resources for the dentists to start charitable dental clinics that can serve the underprivilaged and rural population of India.